Welcome to the Kerbal Space Program Mission Generator website. This website was largely inspired by Khrissetti and Egon over on the Kerbal Space Program Forums.

The Mission Generator works as follows, you may first pick a difficulty setting from the navigation bar at the top of this page, this will determine whether you will be given easy, normal, or hard difficulty tasks to complete. Once on the page the Mission Generator will automatically calculate some random numbers and come up with a completely random (but still structured) mission to complete in Kerbal Space Program.

If you don't like the mission it has generated for you, or just feel like trying again, you can simply click the generate new mission button on the right side of the page.

(Please note: Currently only hard missions are available, this is for debugging purposes. Easy and normal missions will be added soon.)

Debug Notice: If at any point while using the Mission Generator you find that it gives you an "impossible" mission, this is likely a bug and will need to be fixed.

If you do come across such a mission, please use the button below to contact me, stating the exact details the mission gave you.

This will help a lot in the debugging process. Thanks.